Thank you past! Welcome new Life!

Thank you past! Welcome new Life!

From working 9 hrs a day as a professional Chartered Accountant, in a top niche MNC to a 24 hours highly respectful job of a mother, I have come a long way!

When I walked into 2018, I was mother of four months old and on a career break. Today when my little one is 40 months (Jan 2021) and I am more mature mother, if I compare myself from what I was before sometime back, I realize how long a way I have walked. Last one year (or so) in itself was a long ‘transformational’ journey. Thanks to my husband’s support I was into a continuous education plan and today I am a known Life Coach, hold a diploma in HRM, a PG Dip in business management and a Pranic healer besides being CA.

Starting a new career, trying something different from people around and growing up in your new chosen field is throbbing for the callous lessons it offers. But doing what you always wanted to do feel nice. From knowing my purpose to challenging myself to pursue it, and taking a plunge out of my comfort zone to actually put my work out there being vulnerable, I have walked a long way and have evolved into a stronger, wiser woman.
From a happy go lucky free bird to a responsible mother. From a pampered wife to a working mom. From expecting good behaviour from everyone to a person who wants to take responsibility of her own awakening I have challenged myself and evolved a lot.

I was insulted, respected, accepted, rejected, doubted, believed, loathed and loved. I lost, I achieved, I fell, I bounced back, I did things that felt right to me. A daughter, a daughter in law, a wife and a Mom… and above all I am me! Far from being perfect, learning something new every day, a fun-loving child at heart who believes in miracles!

I am a blissful soul and I sleep deep and peace each night.

During my journey, I have received some lovely emails, happy messages and praising feedback from smiling souls. I treasure them all close to my heart. I want to take a moment to deeply thank you all my friends, family, clients & well-wishers and honour you for being part of my journey so far and for your devotion to your journey to improve and evolve.

Want to Awaken with Pearl?

Contact me to know what activities I did and what is my Life Mantra and what is Pearl msg.

Welcome to the world of Pearl

-Helping people lead happy lives. Your Life coach
Nileema Jhunjhunwala

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