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How Long Should I meditate for?

There is no measuring stick that can tell you how long and how often should you meditate to reach to a desired result. It completely depends on each individual’s interest and intensity. The best duration is one which suits you. The point beyond which you do not feel comfortable, you might consider taking a break. Whatever time you sit for has to be absolutely soulful and honest. To sit for an hour just to pretend that you are an advanced practitioner is merely a wastage of time. Further this will give you a sense of hollowness as nothing real will be achieved. After a mindful meditation of basic few minutes, if one feels like continuing, then he can continue. But if that’s beyond your capacity for now, then it will not be fruitful. It might give you headache too. Growing your divine capacity is like developing a muscle. Today you may exercise and become tired after ten minutes. After few months of regular practice, you may be able to exercise for thirty minutes or even more than that, because you have established your capacity.

How long you can sit still, stay connected with your creator and maintain your high vibrational self is a matter of practice and differ from person to person.

Every soul is on their own journey, which could be different from us. But eventually, every road lead to home.

Just start the voyage!

(Earlier published in Dainik Viswamitra newspapaer on Oct06, 2020)

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