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Are you ready to die? Are you ready for new life?

Say if you come to know that you are going to die in 5 hours, or 5 days. What will you think and how you would love to depart? Are you ready to die? Are you ready for new life? What will you do?

Make a list of all those things and execute them now. You are gonna die. Yes! To make a fresh start let go of the past you. To make rest of your life best of your life, to create a better version of yourself, to live the life you always wanted to live – let go of past and START A FRESH.

Letting go of the past is very important. Past experiences, a few bitter events which happened in past maybe we don’t remember them at this moment. Maybe we can’t recall the whole incident at this very moment but we carry that in our heart subtly. Deep in our mind they still haunt us.
These negative stories dilute the quality of how we think and hence dilute the quality of our life.

Apologize – No matter how smart, right and intelligent we think we are; we still make mistakes! All of us somewhere, sometime do something that hurts somebody. Knowingly, unknowingly if you have ever been to that route, today is a day you should ask for forgiveness. Call the person, meet him or write a letter. Just say sorry. If the person is not ready at this time to understand your “sorry” you confess it in front of your creator and promise that you wont ever repeat it again. You clear your backyard, they clean their heart or not is their choice, their journey. And, if the person is no more in the world. Sit back in silent with supreme soul (God) for few minutes, emerge that person in front of you through imagination and in presence of your creator ask for forgiveness.

Forgive and Get Free – Its easy to say sorry but is it equally easy to understand their sorry? And, what if they are not even feeling or saying sorry? Will they ever realize what they have done to you if you simply forgive? Ask me. I have been through all these questions and now understand. Forgiving is not about them; it is not for them; it is for me. I forgive, because I deserve peace and not because they deserve it. Besides, who am I to judge who deserves what? I can tell you one thing, to get free, you must forgive.

But I am unable to forget what they did.
But The bad they did to me was too big to forgive.
But they will hurt me again if I forgive them.
They are not sorry, what is benefit of forgiving.
They have always taken me for granted.
It is impossible to forgive and forget. Easier said than done.
They never respect me. Why should I forgive?
Still have these and many more questions and doubt around forgiveness? Contact me.
I had been through the very rough road and can help you find all your answers to understand the essence of forgiveness.
It is very very important before you start new life.

Let go of bitter past – If your hands are full of old toys you can’t hold any new toy. Often, we feel what happened with us in past is truth, it had happened to us and so we have all the rights to moan about it forever. We use to revise the incident time and again in our mind and relive the pain again and again, deepening it further. Past is gone, its nowhere now. What your mind hold is only =what your mind creates (thoughts) now. It is our choice, we can choose Power Prayer, Forgive and Get Free, Learn Meditation or hold onto the bitterness.

Lets choose new life, lets choose better way of living, lets choose new way of thinking Learn Meditation. Meditation helps us a lot in gaining power to face our past karmas and their consequences. Meditation helps us a lot in gaining power to refresh and restart.

Today tell yourself, “Thank you past! Welcome new Life!”.

Thank you for taking out time to read this.

-Helping people lead happy lives. Your Life coach
Nileema Jhunjhunwala

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