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What to do when things happen to us?

Every single thing that happens in our life happens for a reason. Now it is our job to decipher that purpose, that learning and that reason. It is not always easy and fun to deep dive inside to discover the meaning behind but that’s a discipline we have to practice to evolve in our spiritual journey. I did it through meditation.

Whatever comes up. Doesn’t matter how boring it sounds, our task is only to learn from it. Meditation helps us to focus and learn from what we have in front of us. whether it is something good or something not so good, maybe it is something that is desired and maybe it is something that is not desired. It might be something that we absolutely love or something that we are absolutely uncomfortable with. It is very important that we keep learning, because that always adds to our experience, our energetic reservoir. And, the next time when we go through a similar experience (whether good or bad) again, we are naturally, subconsciously and intrinsically prepared to steer through it with much more precision and with much enhanced efficacy.

Happy Meditation! Happy Learning!

(Earlier published in Dainik Viswamitra on Oct29, 2020)

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