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Gossiping. Entertainment? Or Entanglement?

Do you ever have disagreements with your friends – we all do. But the problem arises when instead of having a personal conversation, one of us choose to go outside and talk behind. The message eventually is received….and at that point we feel bad about being talked behind.

My take on this is never ever talk behind people. If you feel something has to be highlighted – talk..and in case it seems the person is not ready for the conversation…wait….if even that is not possible and you feel terribly exhausted….make distance..physical , emotional..mental distance and slowly gradually part ways if required. But talking behind is sure to backfire.

Now let us come to the flip side. What if you come to know- You are being talked behind? Simple, ignore. Eventually every one will know who is who and what is what. If its too much to be ignored – send you message – loud and clear – “Back bitching is not acceptable”. If the person is not understanding the message – the solution is same…..make distance – physical, emotional ..mental distance and slowly, gradually part ways if required. But if you too talk behind, or try to defame the person – remember its gonna backfire for sure.

Besides, always remember, people talking behind others to us are sure-fire talking behind us to others. Gossiping is not entertainment. Gossiping is entanglement unwittingly, unintentionally, unknowingly you create your karmic baggage heftier and gets trapped into it…just because you thought it is ok to gossip behind.

(When a toxic person can no longer control you, they will try to control how others see you. The misinformation will feel unfair, but stay above it, trusting that others will eventually see the truth. Just like you did. – Quote from internet.)

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