Pranic Healing – Common Questions answered

Pranic Healing – Common Questions answered

Ques. Does PH work only for believers?
Ans- Believing can come later, once the healing results are experienced. But an open mind and a positive attitude surely helps in receiving the healing.

Ques. So many people do not believe in PH?

Ans- That is understandable. The one who is entitled to the knowledge and the healing will eventually get connected a day.

Ques. Do you guarantee healing?

Ans- Healing depend on you few other factors besides healer’s skills.

  1. Is the patient receptive (open) enough?
  2.  Is he/she following instructions and the lifestyle changes recommended by the healer?
  3. Is he/she honest while sharing important factors in their lives with the healer?
  4. Karmik baggage etc

One need to trust one’s healer.

Ques. What if I don’t like my healer as a person?

Ans- Simply find another Pranic healer. One should receive the healing in full faith and with gratitude.

Ques. When should I go to a medical doctor?

Ans- Pranic healing is not substitute to medical aid, but is complementary. Pranic healing helps in accelerating the healing process. So many medical doctors now recommend Pranic healing to their patients. We always recommend both Pranic healing and Medical treatment in tandem.

Ques. Isn’t is expensive?

Ans- Healing is free and priceless. Fees is charged for the time a healer has to spend on executing the healing process. A trained healer spends time in learning, practicing, manages own meditation schedule, and at times the skilled healers have experiences of so many years. Fees is charged for the efforts and time of the healer and not the healing itself.

Besides, paying ensures we donot carry any karmic debt towards the healer. (Law of give and take)

Ques. What more can Pranic healing do?

Ans- Pranic healing can be used to heal physical health, emotional health and also cleaning and positively energising our home space, office space, goods etc. The benefits are innumerable. Once you get introduced to the world of Prana, it’s a whole new life altogether.

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– Nileema Jhunjhunwala (LifeCoach)

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